The California Business Development Center Services

California Business Legal Services


The Jackson Law Firm, P.C. serves Business Clients throughout all of California ... in assisting them in developing the success of their businesses. See MORE about our California Law Business Transaction, Experience, Expertise & Services.

Entrepreneur Training Institute


The Entrepreneur Training Institute offers a unique team of individuals who offer "subject matter expertise" in your industry ... to help you become a successful Entrepreneur. See MORE about our Team of Professionals.

Business Blueprint For Success


The Business Blueprint For Success book, workbooks and videos have been developed over the last thirty years ... and are updated every 60-90 days with the most current strategies and tactics for your Business Success. See MORE

Offering a Team Approach


At the California Business Development Center, we offer a variety of resources and professionals to help you develop the next level of success in your business. See More Resources

Providing Business Analysis & Assistance


At the CBDC, we provide our clients with individual business analysis and assistance in confidential Video Calls. 

Worldwide Services


In addition to English, we offer most of our business development course workbooks in two additional languages. 

Our Experience

Our Team is led by an outstanding Business Owner with more than 40 Years of experience... with over 30 years as a Business Success Consultant ... and over 20 years as a Business Development Attorney.

We have a Team of Business Professionals with decades of experience ready to help your Business Success and the success & development of your team Members!. See Our Testimonials to learn how we deliver results?

Why Us?

Simply stated ... The is no substitute for our expertise and experience. Our programs have a proven track record. We offer a number of GREAT programs for your business that also generate more income for your Company ... at the same time facilitate more leadership & management skills. See Our Services for FREE programs to generate revenue for your Business.

We create over 30 different Business Success workbooks [134-152 pages each] for your company, ...  with your branding . 

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