The California Business Development Center Services : STEP 1

California Business Legal Services

Business Law

The Jackson Law Firm, P.C. serves Business Clients throughout all of California ... in assisting them in developing the success of their businesses with business consulting as business and management consultants. See MORE about our California Law Business Transaction, Experience, Expertise & Services.

Entrepreneur Training Institute

Entrepreneur Training Institute


The Entrepreneur Training Institute offers a unique team of individuals who offer "subject matter expertise" in your industry to help accelerate your business success ... to help you become a successful Entrepreneur. See MORE about our Team of Professionals.

Business Blueprint For Success

Blueprint for Business Success

The Business Blueprint For Success book, workbooks and videos have been developed over the last thirty years ... and are updated every 60-90 days with the most current strategies and tactics for your Business Success. See MORE

Offering a Team Approach

Working together to achieve success

At the California Business Development Center, we offer a variety of resources and professionals to help you develop the next level of success in your business. See Section below on OUR TEAM MEMBERS. See More Resources

Providing Business Analysis & Assistance

Understanding Key Financial Performance Indicators

At the CBDC Business Consulting, we provide our clients with individual business analysis and assistance in confidential Video Calls to increase your business success. Our Business and Management Consultants have the experience and expertise you want for your business to reach new levels of Success! Contact Any of our Professionals Here

Worldwide Services

Developing World wide clients

With our business and management consultants, in addition to English, we offer most of our business development course workbooks in two additional languages. 

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The California Business Development Center Services : STEP 2

Developing the Pro Forma

working virtually with your business attorney

The CBDC protocols for our unique and proprietary Pro Forma so that you can understand how to develop your business to reach the higher success levels you want to achieve.

Engage Our Team of Consultants

effective team development

Take a look at our Team of Business Consultants and Business Coaches. We can provide you with the help you need to  develop more Success in Your Business. 


Business Valuations - Market Analysis

how to identify key business success indicators

We provide an outstanding value in developing the "Business Snap Shot" Business Valuation-Market Analysis for businesses so that you can sell or purchase for the best price. Find out more about our business and management consultants.

Here is one of the "Why" to Engage Our Team

Online Business Consulting Classes

“Hi Shawn, I just wanted to give you an update and say THANK YOU! I just looked at our financial intake for last month, we made more money than we've ever made in a month! I can't thank you enough for all of your wisdom and help but most of all your support. I was giving up on the business and now I feel excited, passionate and fulfilled about our business and especially about our future. Your continued support, trust and belief in us means so much. You have been much more than a coach or attorney and at the same time have been amazing at both of those things for us"  D.W. 

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Developing your plan for business success

  Our Business and Management Consultants offer more than 120 “Strategic Business Blueprint For Success” modules for increasing the success of your business. We have worked with hundreds [if not thousands] of businesses over the last 35 years. These proven business development modules have been developed over the last 25 years  to help your business success and are updated with new information every six months to “stay current with the latest ideas and innovations” …and to provide you with the most successful strategies for increasing the success of your business..

It is Now Time to Plan Your Next Step To Success

networking for success


The Business Blueprint For Success” range from $295.00 [two hours a month] to $545.00 a month [four hours] to $995.00 [seven hours] a month to best fit your business growth needs. We will start with your books/workbooks [134-152 pages] at just $49.50 … and then begin working with your specific experienced business success consultant from $295.00 to $545.00 to $995.00 a month.

Developing Leadership Skills


Team Members


Shawn Jackson - Business Development Attorney & Business Consultant

Business Formation * Contracts/Agreements * Buy/Sell Agreements 

“Shawn is an excellent attorney and is highly knowledgeable about the business acquisition . He was very responsive to my requests and took his time making sure I understood everything that needed to be in the contract to protect me. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a good business attorney”. T.S. 


David Comfort - Website Visual Marketing Strategies & Implementation

Graphic Artist * Website Design * Brand Development

"David Comfort is one of the most experienced and talented designers we have ever worked with. His knowledge of brand identity and technology make him an invaluable resource for our business. I would highly recommend David and Sleepless Digital to anyone who needs a pro." - JS 


George Merrick - Improving Business Growth & Your Cash Flow

Business Supporter * Service Based * Partners

“Without George and IFG, we would have had a hard time finding funding. You and your team go above and beyond to help small companies, like ours, meet their financial needs as well as being helpful with our business.”



Joseph Berrios - Entrepreneur Specialist for the 21st Century

Strategic Thinking * Business Development * Communications  

"Joseph Berrios is a charismatic leader and entrepreneur. He is compassionate and pushes positivity through the agenda while finding solutions to grow your business. He is a man of faith that attracts others to a higher level of financial success. "


Stacy McLaughlin - Best Practices for the Creative Entrepreneur

Leadership Development * Business Development * Employers 

“If you want to elevate your business to a more sophisticated level Stacy McLaughlin is the business coach you need. It’s always a win, win with her brilliance.” In Gratitude A.F.


Vinay Patel - Restaurant Consultant & Restaurant Turn-Around Consultant

Management * Turn Around * Leadership Development

"Vinay is one of the most conscientious people I know. I have worked with him on many Projects. He has been a tremendous help to me in my business. He always seems to do more than he promises and sooner than expected." R. P.



Charles Lindauer - Macintosh Consultant    

Strategic Thinking * Efficiency * Computer Tech

"Charles came in to fix a lot of problems, which he did. Now he keeps my department’s Macs running smoothly, which keeps productivity up. I don’t have to think about it. He just does it, and it makes my life so much easier!” - A.R.



Jula Pereira - Sales Trainer

Sales, Social Media, Personal Development Sales Training for Women Professionals 

“I joined Jula's program because I was really nervous and uncomfortable with Discovery Calls. Directing the call was especially difficult for me. After the program, I have a script that I love and am comfortable with. I am WAY less nervous during Discovery Calls - it has become more about service than just ‘closing the sale.” - J.R.


Focus Points

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Our Experience

Our Team is led by an outstanding Business Owner with more than 40 Years of experience... with over 30 years as a Business Success Consultant ... and over 20 years as a Business Development Attorney.

We have a Team of Business Professionals with decades of experience ready to help your Business Success and the success & development of your team Members!. See Our Testimonials to learn how we deliver results?

Why Us?

Simply stated ... The is no substitute for our expertise and experience. Our programs have a proven track record. We offer a number of GREAT programs for your business that also generate more income for your Company ... at the same time facilitate more leadership & management skills. See Our Services for FREE programs to generate revenue for your Business.

We create over 30 different Business Success workbooks [134-152 pages each] for your company, ...  with your branding . 

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