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“Hi, I just wanted to give you an update and say THANK YOU! I just looked at our financial intake for last month, we made more money than we've ever made in a month! I can't thank you enough for all of your wisdom and help but most of all your support. I was giving up on the business and now I feel excited, passionate and fulfilled about our business and especially about our future.” D.W. 

 “Shawn is an excellent attorney and is highly knowledgeable about the business acquisition I am doing. He was very responsive to my requests and took his time making sure I understood everything that needed to be in the contract to protect me. I will hopefully be able to consult with him again for future legal business needs. I am so happy that I was able to receive his counsel today, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a good business attorney”. T.S.  

“When I first came to them, I was feeling very stressed about how I could handle everything on my own. I did not know how to scale my business up in a sustainable way. Working with them has been by far one of the best decisions that I have made for growing my business.” J.P. 


I have owned a few businesses and have dealt with several attorneys. More specifically, I've sold a few businesses and worked with an attorney who I thought was "average" to help me with my sales. I wanted to explore what else was out there so I found Shawn through Yelp. It was one of the best decisions I made as a business owner. I consulted with Shawn from the beginning of my business all the way up to selling my business. He was there to help me with any situation and always provided me with a prompt response. He has a down to earth personality, but always provided very well thought out responses to my questions. It wasn't until it came to sell my business where I saw Shawn's skill of dealing with the buyers and his ability to obtain the best deal for his clients. At some points I felt that Shawn was my business partner, not an attorney. He was able to successfully help me sell my business with the terms that I wanted. I never actually met Shawn in person, all of my interactions with him were through the phone. I don't care where you are - if you are looking for a business attorney stop your search and give Shawn a call.

“You have a depth of understanding for both business and human behavior beyond anything I have seen or worked with before. I can't thank you enough! PS we actually hit our target amount of money (when I did the FEO) stuff if the clinic was at full capacity. :) I can't wait to meet you in person one day so I can hug you!” Denise :) 

"Shawn provided critical advice on the operating agreement for my new business. Three things stood out; 1. Balance of legal and business advice. His experience on the business side sets him apart from my attorneys. 2. Responsiveness. He reviewed the fast-changing revisions quickly. 3. His video conferencing meetings are as convenient as a phone call with the added communication elements of an office meeting. If you want a skilled attorney and business adviser to help you get started, call Shawn Jackson." K.S. 

“You are an Incredible Business Person! You help give me the Strength that I need to run my business. Thank You so much for your help! Dr. F


"Shawn is my attorney for 4 businesses including one that is international. He is precise, thorough, and is always looking out for my best interest. His follow through is impeccable and he goes the distance in making sure I understand the legal jargon. If you need someone to get the job done right the first time - contact him immediately. I depend on him fully for all of my legal issues”. D.L.

“They are caring, honest and forthright. Their wisdom and insights have not only saved us tons of money, they have helped us uncover previously untapped revenue streams in our business. I would recommend their services in a heartbeat.” MA

“He is professional, and very knowledgeable and responsive.  I have worked with Shawn on more than one occasion and I have found him to resolve my legal issues promptly and with an impressive expertise and at a reasonable price.  Shawn is very thorough when it comes to protecting and representing his clients, and when I work with Shawn, I am completely confident that I am in the best of hands.  Shawn is the guy you want in your corner!”  T.F.                                  

The Business Blueprint for Success  program is the most comprehensive coaching program I have seen. Yet, they are able to quickly and accurately discern where I was and where I am each time in my business and apply the appropriate module in simple, understandable bites that gets me excited and moving in the right direction. They  are flexible enough to address pressing issues without losing sight of the big picture. Sometimes it's hard to tell what an alternative path would have looked like, but I think I would have given up on my business if I wasn't coaching with  them.” D.A.

“I am so thankful that Shawn R. Jackson came highly recommended by a trusted source right when I needed someone who had the knowledge and skills I needed with a work related situation. He was clear, friendly, easy to understand and very pleasant to work with. He resolved my situation in lightning speed (after others tried to warn me it would be close to impossible). I am so grateful to Shawn and his amazing, and valuable work and will continue to go to him for all our future legal business needs.” D.V.

“Shawn Jackson has been instrumental in focusing my attention on the areas most needed for the improvement of my business. His remarkable range of employable modalities gives him a distinct advantage in analysis of a challenge as well as finding the appropriate solution to that challenge. Those skills, combined with his natural drive towards implementation, makes Shawn Jackson a game changing resource for any business owner who is serious about increasing the value of their business, and ultimately, their life.” D.C.

“I appreciate your ability to help me quickly clarify legal issues and to guide me toward a negotiated settlement.  You have helped me avoid making decisions that escalate a problem while keeping an eye on the bigger picture of solving problems.  In the end, it is about conflict resolution, not about being right.”  A.H.

“After starting the Business Blueprint for Success program, I feel more confident in my business because he is helping me build a strong foundation. Shawn is incredibly intelligent and insightful and has the ability to provide guidance, structure, critical feedback and reassurance all at the same time. He also has a wonderful sense of humor which I really appreciate!” J.P.

“We would have been completely lost without Shawn’s guidance.  I had a client that was not paying me for my work and was also trying to hold my money hostage to try to make me sign a completely inappropriate NDA.  Shawn handled the situation perfectly and not only was I compensated in full but he diffused the situation in a very professional manner.  I never signed anything.   I would not have been able to handle this on my own.  He gives great business advice and is extremely timely with responses and handling any questions. Thanks!”  J.O.

“You are extremely knowledgeable, perceptive and gracious. You adjust and adapt quickly to meet whatever the current issue may be in my business/life. You never seem surprised by anything. I am also very grateful for your ability to encourage so powerfully.” O.A.

“Mr. Shawn Jackson has handled several business and legal matters for me over the past many years.  The results were consistently the best possible.  Not only is he effective and ethical, but also extremely gracious in all of his dealings. He adds harmony to an otherwise often contentious business world and is truly a pleasure to work with.” Dawn D.

“Shawn Jackson has been incredible in helping lay the foundation components of my business. I am feeling more competent in managing other people and I am already seeing the results of the work we have done. My business is growing and I see my team owning their positions and taking more responsibility! Thank You for your dedication to my success!” Angelica


“Mr. Jackson worked very hard to get the other person to sign the agreement to pay my money back. I really appreciate his professionalism dealing with the other person's Lawyer, and his knowledge about the case. I would really recommend him to my friends and I will use his office service for my future legal needs.” A.R.

“A client just paid me for $1,596 for media work! So thrilled that all of this hard work with you is paying off. That means I've earned $2,766 since working with you. I am blown away.” 


“I first met Shawn and asked him to review a lease that I was in the process of renewing.  That one quick review saved me not only time, but over a thousand dollars.  Over those years I have consulted Shawn on many different types of concerns relating to my businesses.  He has always been very prompt and attentive to concerns.  Because of his professionalism I have referred him to several of my business contacts and friends.” Larry S

“I can’t thank you enough for your time this morning.  It was extremely helpful. I felt armed with confidence entering the tough conversation I had to have with my business partner.  We ended up having a very civil and pleasant conversation and now clearly see the way to resolve our differences.  I highly doubt it would have gone so well without our conversation this morning. Thank you again.” L.L

“I would give Shawn a 10 +++ in every category...  He is definitely one of the most high quality people that I have ever had the good fortune to know and to work with. He has made several quite problematic situations resolve for me in very effective and yet harmonious ways…with sincere appreciation for all that you do and all that you are…” D.D.

“I am incredibly grateful and would highly recommend him to any entrepreneur who is struggling to navigate through the multitude of responsibilities and decisions they need to make to succeed in business.”
“I wanted to say, you are  OUTSTANDING! The way you articulate your conversations are exceptional! You do outperform your delivery every time we meet!” Dr. A.F.

“I would give you an A in each category. I found working with you to be very rewarding.  You are a good listener and I found that your follow up questions back to me forced me to think about my situation in different ways and truly work toward the best solution for all…and I realized that I indeed need to make some improvements. I thank you for always being there to help. Thank you.” B.J

“Changing from a corporate job to a business owner - I had no idea all the factors I needed to consider when it came to business & marketing. I was heading down a path that unbeknownst to me was sub-optimal. Shawn opened up my eyes, made me think big and long term, and completely changed my viewpoint. This transformed my business vision and set me on a much better path. I do not hesitate recommending his services.”  J.C.

“Outside the box is exactly what Shawn Jackson makes you do. His fundamental teachings of GREAT business practices along with the NEW AGE thinking; it doesn’t get much better than that. With his systems of business in place one is able to expand in the horizon of what was possibly the untouchable dream for your business.” A.F.

“Shawn is incredibly knowledgeable and insightful. He has an uncanny ability to lift his client from despair to hopefulness with powerful encouragement and then deliver practical solution to their problem. Shawn inspires deep thinking and creativity in his clients. I am privileged to be one of them.” D.

I would highly recommend Shawn Jackson and his  team. At all times I felt that he had my best interests at heart, taking away the stress and finding a positive outcome to a bad situation. He saw the light at the end of the tunnel and through the guidance of him/his office we were able to get there. Thank you.” M.G.

“He has been able to make a complicated process more understandable and we trust him to make sure we get the right work done at the right time. I would recommend Shawn to any company who is seeking to grow their business to the next level.” Peter V.

“My wife and I have been coaching with Mr. Jackson for about nine (9) months now. Over this 9 month period I have grown from being confused about what I wanted my business to look like to now having a clear vision and goals for my business as well as putting strategies in place to accomplish those goals. Now I get up and face my business each day with excitement and enthusiasm I didn't think I had.” D/M.A.

“I have known Shawn since 1986 and have had many business dealings with him from his days at his Law Practice and California Business Development Center. Shawn is very skilled at understanding both sides of negotiations and at providing creative win-win solutions in a very professional, courteous, fair, respectful, prepared, timely and cost minded manner. I recommend Shawn to anyone who is looking for an intelligent, energetic, no nonsense individual to help them in their legal matters and/or business development.” L.K.

"Our company has consistently relied on the invaluable experience and knowledge of Shawn Jackson to help grow our business. After working directly with Shawn, and all the custom modules that were built by Shawn and his team, I have a better understanding of how to insure a successful business. He is among the top professionals in the Bay Area community. Shawn is definitely in the upper echelon of Business Consulting, and you would be hard press to find anyone that has a more thorough understanding of what it takes to be a success!” D.P.

“Shawn Jackson has served as our attorney, providing legal and financial advice both for our personal affairs, as well as for our company. My wife and I have found him to have a vast and deep knowledge of many aspects of the law in a wide range of fields, with a highly developed and keen intelligence and a wonderful sense of humor.” G.T. 

“To effectively embrace and experience the coaching and guidance from Shawn Jackson one must step out of your normal comfort zone. In doing that, he gracefully guides you to a level that perhaps you thought you could never achieve.” A.J. 

“Shawn, I can’t thank you enough for your time this morning.  It was extremely helpful. I felt armed with confidence entering the tough conversation I had to have with my business partner.  We ended up having a very civil and pleasant conversation and now clearly see the way to resolve our differences.  I highly doubt it would have gone so well without our conversation this morning. Thank you again.” L.L.

“Whether it is key introductions or important business development strategies, Shawn was there from that start and gave our company a significant advantage to succeed." P.V.


“I would highly recommend Shawn Jackson and his office. I was involved in a very stressful and possibly costly legal matter, that Mr. Jackson was able to assist me with. At all times I felt that he had my best interests at heart, taking away the stress and finding a positive outcome to a bad situation. He saw the light at the end of the tunnel and through the guidance of him/his office we were able to get there. Thank you”. M.G.

Thank you so much for all the ways you continue to support me and I truly appreciate the way you show up so powerfully! Your expertise runs deep and it is wonderful how the help you offer me seems to run not only along the vein of "business development", but along the line of personal development as well.  This has proved essential when business today is all about building relationships.” Brandy M.


“Mr. Shawn Jackson has been my business lawyer for over 12 years. His knowledge and experience in business law is very important to me as a client, but equally important is Mr. Jackson's ability to try and resolve matters between the two disagreeing parties that are more personal, not business related, that makes Mr. Jackson so valuable.”  Gary S

“Thank you so much for meeting with me yesterday. I find your perspective and insight invaluable to the development of my business model. You are always questioning and challenging me to think better and harder. I find meetings with you test my plan and seek out the “Achilles heel” increasing the possibility for success. I look forward to the next step in the development of my new business.” G.G.


“As a business owner, there are many legal issues to navigate. Shawn Jackson’s knowledge and negotiation skills have served me and my company at the most professional level. Where most business owners see legal cost as an expense, working with Shawn provides us with consultation that saves or even makes us money.” M.M.  

"The content was great, especially the way the big chart summed it all up. I was able to look at that and figure out where my major weaknesses lay. I liked the way you presented the information, as it was easy to understand. You have it laid out in a learnable format and were connected to the whole group. Your heart was certainly in it and it was obvious you wish the best for each student. Thank you”. B.D.

There is no one else I would like to have working on my behalf than Shawn.  He is a fantastic negotiator and has saved me tens of thousands of dollars.  Hire him now! Dawn L.

“It is always a pleasure to share with others how amazing every experience working with you is. I like to call it the best tool kit. It has professionalism, extensive business knowledge, smarts, patience, and the ability to encourage and of course the best humor one could buy.” Ade


“Whether it is incorporation, company by-laws, key introductions or important business development strategies, Shawn was there from that start and gave our company a significant advantage to succeed." M.D.

Shawn Jackson is a game changer. Like a great sports coach he is able to spot the strengths and weaknesses within a team and adjust them so that everyone is playing at their best.” - DC

“Shawn provides valuable assistance to start-up businesses on critical aspects, such as business structure, product placement, and/or intellectual property protection. His combined experience as both businessman and attorney make him particularly well-suited to advise businesses.” WM

"Working with Shawn Jackson has been a process that shows continual improvement to my business. There is always forward motion in several areas needing development, and his experience in navigating the challenges of a business owner is used to utmost effect." David

You have been very helpful to me in seeing things that I normally would not have thought of, given I have been in this business for over 53 years I would not have thought that could happen. Yes I think we could …”. W.T.

“In the few short weeks that I have been working with Shawn Jackson he has shifted my thinking on how I can run my business more effectively and more successfully. With this new way of thinking my business dreams don’t feel so far away.” E.V

"As a start up less than 4 months old, Shawn has taken us in as a newborn company and taught us how to walk. At first, we did not know … what we did not know. This was our motivation to reach out for professional guidance. Shawn has assisted us in navigating the turbulent waters of creating a business, as well as establishing ourselves with a Blueprint to last. Shawn has been our "go to" professional for all our business and legal matters" AE

“Thank you!! We appreciate you in more ways than I can convey in this email. Your continued support, trust and belief in us means so much. You have been much more than a coach or attorney and at the same time have been amazing at both of those things for us.” D&M

Thank you again for all your help. I learned how to think out of the box, believe in my life more than it is now and give myself the opportunity to live life doing what makes me happy rather than just settling on working hard and living ok. JB

Business Blueprint for Success  is a great tool for anyone who is looking to grow their business. The topics are very well articulated and I find myself referring to this book often when I am struggling with something particular. Not having the information in this book could be detrimental to any business owner.” JCC

The video classes are such a GREAT compliment to the book. I have been able to go back to my original answers in the workbook and replace them with even more trimmed down answers from engaging in the classes. I suggest writing in pencil ;) E.V

"The Business Blueprint for Success is incredibly valuable. More than just a lot of information, this workbook is actually a lesson plan in understanding concepts related to business success. The workbook aspect of this improves the retention and comprehension of the material greatly. What I find most valuable are the things I didn't know I didn't know. Highly recommended for entrepreneurs, but I think execs who want a competitive advantage on the corporate ladder will get a lot out of it too." D.C.

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Great customer service
Great customer service