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Rule of Three to Reach Success


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As you might imagine, there are three expressions of the “Rule of Three”… [1] Triangulation… [2] Options … and [3] Default Positions. All three are important to understand and implement to create both success and safety.

Triangulation: This expression of the “Rule of Three” embraces the fact that we all live within “systems”… and these various systems interact with each other. The most basic “belief” in triangulation concerns “time”… in that most people believe that time is a zero-sum process, in that when you “take time here”… 

you “take time away” from somewhere else. 

Although this is not altogether true, the scope of this writing will assume that it is true.  

The Steps to Higher Success in Business


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Business Success Training… “Exchanging Time, Talent & Treasure for a Desired Result”

Business Success Building

The process is not linear, A + B = C, but cyclical. It all starts with a passion to succeed. The reward/benefit has to do with your lifestyle once you have reached “business success”.

1. Building or Creating Success

It is the realization that we have the ability to “succeed” beyond our “present” circumstances that is the first phase of the successful entrepreneur. Successful entrepreneurs keep believing in success even when everyone and everything appears to create obstacles and excuses and delay or derail their success. Belief is a perception supported by evidence.

How to develop Trust for Higher Revenue



Leadership Skills Trust: Customers will only Buy From You… If they Trust You

In today's business world, TRUST is one of the most important factors in developing a business relationship that is profitable and sustainable. 

To be successful in any “sale”, we must establish trust early in the conversation with the customer. As most of us know, trust takes effort to establish and can be a strong bond between businesses and their clients and customers. 

As we also know, "Trust", once broken, is very difficult to, it is a process that every business, every day, should focus some of its time and energy to develop & maintain trust between client and business.  

Understanding the Graphics of Your Market


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How to Leverage your Advantages Success


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Great Research leads to Great Sales


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